Taxpayers Relief for Families

Joe Robach knows that in this challenging economy, working families and people on fixed incomes are struggling to make ends meet on a daily basis. Now more than ever we need to continue to ease the burden on taxpayers and provide more opportunities to help New Yorkers out of work find new jobs. Joe Robach will continue to fight to ensure people have opportunities available to provide for their families.

  • Joe Robach voted for a new middle class tax cut that will bring middle class income taxes down to the lowest rate since 1948. When fully phased in, this tax cut will provide an average savings of $700 per taxpayer every year.
  • Voted for a two percent property tax cap to stop out of control state spending
  • Helped create the original STAR school property tax relief program, and initiated the STAR rebate check program after it was eliminated in 2009.
  • Voted for the new Personal Income Tax Cut, which will total approximately $4.2 billion and will reduce taxes for thousands of businesses across New York.
  • Successfully fought back against the Governor’s statewide $15 minimum wage proposal, which would have hurt thousands of Upstate businesses.
  • Supported investments in job training and workforce development initiatives to help people enhance their job skills, helping open the door for new opportunities for thousands of New Yorker’s.